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BMW Qualified Used Cars

Looking for a used car in Scotland? Only a Used BMW which has been inspected and prepared to meticulous BMW standards by qualified BMW technicians will fit the bill. What’s more, to give you complete reassurance we conduct independent history and mileage checks and include 12 months BMW unlimited mileage Warranty, MOT cover and Emergency Service cover.

Should you live further afield from Scotland we want your purchasing experience to be as trouble-free as buying locally. If you come to inspect any of our used cars and find it not as described, we will either refund the cost of your air ticket or pay for you to stay overnight at a local hotel or if you have driven to see us, pay the cost of a tank of fuel.

Select the Series and bodystyle you are interested in from the list on the left to locate your ideal BMW.

Sourcing the right car for you.

Even if you can't see exactly what you are looking for here on our website we can still find the right used car for your needs, be it the right model, colour, trim or price range. We pride ourselves here at Grassicks BMW Perth in that all of our sales team are experienced in listening to what our customers really need and matching that to used car and vehicle availability in the marketplace and budget. With a range of options to make your next vehicle affordable we are more than able to make the move to your next car a reality.


Not in the area?


Why not combine your purchase with a short stay in Perthshire? Many of our customers travel the length of the country to source the right car at the right price and with the best service. The Holiday Inn Express offers 81 tastefully decorated guestrooms complete with satellite tv, tea and cooffee making facilities, free wi-fi internet access and is conveniently located across the road from our dealership.


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